Mayor's Court


Magistrate: Howard Mellon

Court Bailiff: Larry Rathburn, Unit S4

Court Clerk: April Grube


Mission Statement: 

The Village of Ashville Mayor's Court adjudicates cases arising out of alleged violations of local ordinances and certain State laws. The Court is headed by the magistrate, assisted by the Clerk of the Court and Bailiff of the Court, along with other Court staff. It is the Court's mission to provide efficient, fair resolution of all matters coming before it, and to ensure that all Court users are afforded ready access to the Court.

Objective of the Court:

Mayor's Court has undertaken to provide the highest quality service to the public and the Village of Ashville. Our staff is dedicated to providing an environment so as to instill confidence in, and respect for, the judicial system in general, and the Village of Ashville Mayor's Court. It is the mission of the Court to ensure that due process of law and fundamental fairness are afforded to all who appear before the Court, and that customer service by the court staff is given the highest priority.

Contact Information:

April Grube
Address: 200 East Station Street
Phone: (740) 983-7131
Fax: (740) 983-4703
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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