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Recycling comes to Ashville

The symbol above will be used when the Village of Ashville is dealing with environmental topics. One component of recycling is the environment. What is now part of any comprehensive environmental programs is the financial impact. The Mayor and Village Council have determined that a balance of the environmental and financial interests have been reached concerning recycling. Therefore, it is time to bring curbside recycling services to our residents. 
This recycling page will be dedicated to inform and educate.

We will answer questions like, “What can you recycle and what cannot be recycled”? Please use our Facebook Page as another method for “Questions and Answers”.


Accepted Co-Mingle Recycling

ECO EarthPaper Materials (Acceptable)

  • White Ledger Papers : Computer, Copy Machine, Typewriter Paper, White Ledger Pads, Machine Tape
  • News Quality Papers : Newspaper, Phonebooks, Wide-lined Newsprint
  • Folders : Manila, Colored and Coated Folders
  • Mail : Letters, Brochures, Advertisements, Magazine
  • Correspondence : Legal Pad Paper, Colored Paper, Message Sheets, Self Adhesive Notes, Index Cards
  • Envelopes : Window Envelopes, Non-Window Envelopes, With or Without Labels, Colored, Coated
  • Brown Papers : Brown Grocery Bags, Cereal Boxes, Beverage Carrier Boxes, Clean Pizza Boxes
  • Cardboard Boxes : Broken down into 3ft x 3 ft sections

ECO EarthPlastic Materials (Acceptable)

  • Plastic Containers / Plastic Bottles #1-7 : Milk Jugs, Soda Bottles, Laundry Detergent Bottles, Water Bottles, Shampoo Bottles, Contact Solution Bottles, Etc. – The base of the container must be wider than the mouth of the container.

ECO EarthMetal Materials (Acceptable)

  • Aluminum Cans : Clean Beverage and Food Cans, Etc.
  • Steel Cans : Clean Soup, Food, and Aerosol Cans, Etc.

ECO EarthGlass Materials (Acceptable)

  • Clear or Colored Glass Bottles and Jars – Please rinse and remove lids.

Un-Accepted Items & Co-Mingle Recycling

 Cannot RecyclePaper Materials (Un-Acceptable)

  • Text Books –­ Glue binding contaminates paper.
  • Candy Wrappers – Candy and sugars contaminate paper.
  • DIRTY Plates, Cups and Napkins – Food contaminates paper.
  • Facial Tissue and Paper Towels – Use of material contaminates paper.

Cannot RecyclePlastic Materials (Un-Acceptable)

  • Plastic Bags : Grocery Bags, Etc. Please return grocery bags to store.
  • Butter Tubs or Whipped Topping Tubs (Food contaminates materials)
  • Plastic Plates, Cups, Utensils, Food Trays, Etc. (Food contaminates materials)

Cannot RecycleMetal Materials (Un-Acceptable)

  • Scrap Metal, Pots and Pans, Coat Hangers, Paint Cans, Etc.

Cannot RecycleGlass Materials (Un-Acceptable)

  • Window Glass, Drinking Glasses, Fish Tanks, Light Bulbs, Etc.
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