The Wastewater Department serves two primary functions.  First to collect sewage and second, to process the sewage that is collected in a manner approved by the OhioEPA.     Read More

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Wastewater Ordinance Wastewater can be as low as $7.14 ($10.115) per 1,000
See rate structure below


Gallons/1,000 Inside Village Rate I&I Debt Service Total Rate Outside Village Rate
Over 1,000 (K)  $7.14 34¢ $2.635 $10.115 $20.23 (includes Sewer-$14.28, I & I-68¢ & debt service $5.27) 


The Wastewater Facility Pool Credit   Odor Control Program
The Problem with Grease Sanitary Lines & Your Responsibility Infiltration & Inflow (I&I)

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